This is a personal blog, documenting the fun projects I’ve been tinkering with in my spare time.

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An Open USB Microphone Array

BeagleMic BeagleMic is a design for a microphone array with open firmware and open hardware. It utilizes a single PocketBeagle computer to fetch data from up to 16 PDM microphones, perform simple processing, and output PCM data via USB to a host computer. BeagleMic can present itself as a standard USB Audio Class 2 card. Hence standard tools can be used on the host side. I have successfully used alsa-utils, Audacity and ODAS.

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SC114 SDCC Blinking Leds

SDCC Example For SC114 Recently I had a lot of fun assembling the SC114 Z80 Kit. I admit it’s pretty much useless for any real contemporary task, but I still recommend it as a soothing hobby activity. One bump I hit was the lack of ready-to-use C examples for SC114 and other RC2014-like computers. Tips in various forums suggested to relocate the program to SRAM by passing the following options to SDCC:

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