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An Open USB Microphone Array

BeagleMic BeagleMic is a design for a microphone array with open firmware and open hardware. It utilizes a single PocketBeagle computer to fetch data from up to 16 PDM microphones, perform simple processing, and output PCM data via USB to a host computer. BeagleMic can present itself as a standard USB Audio Class 2 card. Hence standard tools can be used on the host side. I have successfully used alsa-utils, Audacity and ODAS.

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SC114 SDCC Blinking Leds

SDCC Example For SC114 Recently I had a lot of fun assembling the SC114 Z80 Kit. I admit it’s pretty much useless for any real contemporary task, but I still recommend it as a soothing hobby activity. One bump I hit was the lack of ready-to-use C examples for SC114 and other RC2014-like computers. Tips in various forums suggested to relocate the program to SRAM by passing the following options to SDCC:

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Introduction recommends their own Debian flavour images as the OS for the BeagleBone range of open hardware boards. Indeed, Beagle Debian images have the fullest hardware support and are easy to install to the internal eMMC. Hence they are the recommended OS for newbies and hardware hackers alike. My only gripe with Beagle Debian is that it includes some proprietary blobs like TIDL, TI CGT and WiLink firmware. Never being a fan of black boxes I tried to install pristine Debian on my BBG board.

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